Get clear on where

you're going...

You know you can live a life with more clarity, purpose and intention, but how? Where do you start?

By reconnecting with your inner self (who has been overlooked for far too long!) and by embracing your own inner knowing! In doing this, you'll be able to find ultimate clarity and design a life that is aligned, sustainable and in flow. Learn the skills and understand the tools that will lead you back to yourself and give you the confidence to be your authentic self - in harmony on the inside and out.

You've done everything the way you're supposed to and somehow still feel dissatisfied. You trust everyone and everything outside yourself more than your own inner knowing.

You already have the answers you want. By learning the skills and understanding the tools that support you in finding these answers, you'll begin to trust yourself again.

When you trust yourself, you'll be more confident in making decisions and in expressing your needs, allowing yourself to design the life you really want, without compromise.

Tree Stump

Tarot can act as your map, giving you the confidence to choose your own way forward.


Get the value packed ‘Read Tarot with Confidence Cheat Sheet and Workbook’ so you can learn all the skills you need to use Tarot as the ultimate personal development tool! Build self-confidence and trust your intuition so you can connect with what’s most important to you.

Do you feel lost? Do you trust yourself to find your own way?


I’m Amy (she/her)! I’m a UK based Tarot reader and trainee counsellor, passionate about mental health, emotional support and living in a way that’s authentic, sustainable and in alignment with who I am INSIDE. And if you haven't already realised, mustard is my FAVOURITE colour and I love being in nature...


After years of feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled and overlooked following the status quo and doing everything the way it ‘should’ be done, I’d lost track of who I really was at the expense of pleasing everyone and everything outside of myself. I felt lost, confused and completely unclear about the way forward.


I never want anyone to feel like they’re going through it alone and so, I offer the time and space where you feel like you belong so you can have the freedom (and support!) to explore who you really are and what you really want from your life. Wherever you are on your journey, I'll meet you there.


I combine alternative tools like Tarot with tried and tested, evidence based strategies so you can find clarity and feel empowered to take the right steps forward in a way that is sustainable to you.

Solo Traveller?


Soak up all the free content I've got for you. This is where you can start your journey or add some extra supplies to your toolkit. Everything Tarot, mental/emotional support, wellness and spirituality. Take what you need and leave the rest.

Want a Guide?


You might have your map already, you might be well on your way or you might not have started yet. It doesn't matter. Wherever we are on our journey, it can sometimes be helpful to stop and regroup and sometimes it can help to have another perspective.

Golden Leaves

'I'm in love with Amy's work! Her approach of combining spiritual and intellectual tools gives her such a unique voice. It often leaves me with insights that I had never thought of before. I love learning from her, she brings everything in a clear and concise way, sprinkled with a dose of excellent humour when needed!"


—  Gaby, Sfaelin

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