Spring is on the way at Imbolc!

Photo taken from above of a set of wooden stairs with 3 steps visible. Feet wearing grey socks can be seen on the top step with a small orange pumpkin the left on the middle step. To the right, from the top step to the middle, a blue, red and white blanket is draped with a book and black coffee on top. Autumn leaves are scattered over the steps.

If there was ever a time we needed something to look forward to, it's now right? It feels like Winter has gone on for long enough and most of us are coming to the end of our tether with lockdowns and what seems like perpetual bad news...

So it may come as a nice and reassuring surprise to know that Spring is on the way!! The days are continuing to get longer and longer and the first signs of new life are appearing. We can begin to look forward with hope and optimism as we start to plan and bring energy to our projects and plans!

What is Imbolc?

Imbolc is one of the great fire festivals on the Wheel of the Year, representing the mid-point between Winter and Spring. The original meaning of the word means 'in the belly' and symbolises the barely visible spark of new life that occurs at this time of year. St Brigid is the Goddess traditionally honoured at Imbolc as she is associated with fire, light and energy. She reminds us that darkness doesn't last forever and that each new dawn offers a new day. Brigid is the Goddess of healing, fertility and creativity; representing that spark of potential we all have within our bellies!

It's time to gingerly step out of hibernation and let your eyes adjust to the light! We've spent a long time retreating inwards, resting and reflecting and it's now time to think about how and where we're going to put that wisdom into practice. Although we might feel frustrated that we're not in the midst of Spring already, sometimes the anticipation and preparation periods are even more exciting - there is SO. MUCH. POTENTIAL. It feels like the possibilities are endless and that everything is within our reach! And whilst we might want to put our foot on the gas right now, Imbolc comes with a reminder to pace ourselves.

What wisdom have you learned from the Winter?

What would you like to see come to fruition this year?

How can you start making steps towards seeing this manifest?

It's not about manifesting and achieving everything right now but a focus on what stepping stones you can begin laying down so that you can reach the harvest later on in the year.

Make Plans

You may already know what you want to get out of this year and if so, wonderful! If you don't, then spend some time tapping into your creative spark and reflect on what that might be. Once you know where you're heading, use this time to think about how you're going to get there. Do you need to learn something? Do you need to change some habits? Do you need to invest in support or equipment? What is going to help you achieve your goals? Once you're clear on these stepping stones, you can think about laying them down. Buy the books or courses you need, focus on changing your habits, join a mentoring group or mastermind. Take just a couple of steps towards your dreams. REMEMBER, nature doesn't rush and neither should you!


Spring cleaning is a thing for a reason! Now is the perfect time to get rid and let go of anything that is going to prevent you from taking the necessary steps towards your goals. Cleansing and decluttering can happen on any level - physical, mental, emotional or energetic. Check in with yourself and work out what needs cleansing and clearing. If there isn't anything that stands out to you then perhaps you might benefit from making a commitment to clearing your energy more consistently with a meditation or visualisation. A cleansing bath or shower also works wonderfully for clearing stagnant energy! Keep it simple, often that's the most effective way!

Get your nature on!

It might feel like the natural world is still sleeping but rest assured, there is so much happening beneath the surface, just waiting to make itself visible!

Get outside and see if you can notice any hints of new life. Perhaps you could plant some literal seeds of your own to nurture and watch grow as reminder that nature works at its own pace.

I'm sure we all feel like we've all been inside for far too long so let's take advantage of the days getting longer and the weather getting warm by filling our lungs with some fresh spring air!

Use this spread as doorway into your creative flame so you can plan your next steps towards your dreams!

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Have a creative and cleansing Imbolc!

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