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Updated: Jan 13

You may have heard of Blue Monday, but have you heard of BREW Monday?? And I'm sure you know what a package holiday is but do you know what it has to do with the most depressing day of the year?

Grab a cuppa and pull up a chair so I can tell you all about it!

The 3rd Monday of January is designated as the most depressing day of the year. Why??

Because science and evidence based research says so right? WRONG! It's actually because a travel company hired a psychologist to come up with a 'pseudoscience' formula so they could sell more Summer holidays! So that's what Blue Monday is and what it has to do with package holidays..... (You can read more about it in these articles:


The Independent

All that aside, Blue Monday has become significant in bringing awareness to the importance of reaching out and having conversations about mental health and how we're really feeling which is always going to be a positive! The more we talk, the more we remove the stigma around mental health and the more opportunities we create to support people who need it.

Talking about mental health and mental/emotional support are some things I'm really passionate about so I'm going to be joining in on Samaritans' #BrewMonday where we're encouraged to reach out to someone else over a virtual cuppa (basically just get in touch with someone and see how how they're *really* doing!)

Who are Samaritans?

Samaritans are a fantastic organisation based in the UK that offer support and listening services to anyone who needs it, at any time. They can be contacted for free by telephone, text, letter or email, with some branches offering face to face support (outside of the pandemic). They also work in prisons, schools, hospitals and on the rail network as well as running nationwide and community campaigns to raise awareness and influence decision-makers so that fewer people die by suicide.

Visit the website for more info about the services and the organisation's mission here

I can speak from experience as to how amazing and fundamental the organisation is after having worked as a Call Volunteer for around a year. The training that volunteers are given is extensive and the work is vital. Here are some figures that illustrate why services like Samaritans are CRUCIAL:

There were 5,692 suicides in England and Wales in 2019, 321 more than the previous year.

There were 421 suicides in the Republic of Ireland in 2019, increasing the rate by 19%

The rate for females under 25 increased by 93.8% from 2012 to 2019

Suicide is the biggest killer of young people


And those figures were before the pandemic which we know has had devastating effects on the mental health of so many people. As Samaritans say themselves:

It’s more important than ever that we stay connected, even if we have to keep a physical distance.

If you're wanting to reach out and support someone with how they're feeling then here are some tips from Samaritans:

You can also read my blog post on 'How to be a Better Listener' here

How to support #BrewMonday

  1. Share the hashtag on social media

  2. Reach out to someone

  3. Book a Tarot Reading!

£5 pays for a volunteer to answer a call and support someone who is struggling to cope

£200 pays for training a Samaritans volunteer in the skills they need to help people feel listened to and less alone.

Purchase a 3 card Tarot reading from myself here for £10 (USALLY £15) between 11th January and 11th February with all proceeds being donated to Samaritans. You get some clarity and guidance AND you get to help a wonderful cause!


1. Make your £10 donation to the 'Cuppa and Cards' JustGiving page here

2. State 'Reading' along with your email in the 'Your Message' section when donating

3. Head to the page here and follow the instructions for booking your reading

4. I'll be in touch with you to discuss and arrange your reading

5. Readings will be completed and delivered within 7 days

Thank you so much for being here and I look forward to pulling some cards for you!

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