Know Thyself Spread

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes - Carl Jung

Based on the blog article describing the 3 inner selves that make us who we are, I thought it would be interesting and hopefully insightful to design a card spread to help us unpick what these selves are and what they mean to us, personally.

I've tried this spread myself and have honestly found it really powerful and profound but I'll talk about that further on when I share the cards that came out for me. First of all, here's the spread:

A card spread designed to help reflect on our inner selves
Know Thyself Card Spread

The top row of 3 cards each represent one of the 3 selves: the real-self, the self-concept and then the ideal-self. Underneath each, is a card that offers advice relevant to each self. The first column (real-self and advice) can be read in 2 ways: either regarding your authentic self OR you true desires/inner needs. With this column, I feel that how it's read will depend on what card comes out for you, but give it a go and let me know what you think!

When shuffling, I gave the cards a good shuffle then split the deck into 3 piles. I then chose 1 card from each pile for the top row and then turned over the top card left on the deck for the advice cards.

This is what cards came out for my reading (Hip Chick Tarot) :


Real-Self: Five of Earth

For me, this card speaks to my inner faith and belief in a better world, a better self and just a general attitude of optimism. There is also a feeling here that I may be my neglecting my inner need for spiritual connection or that, there is a least a feeling that my inner faith is disconnected somehow from my external world.

Real-Self Advice: Seven of Create

The conflict I feel between my inner need for spiritual connection and practising/finding that externally can feel like an uphill struggle sometimes but it doesn't have to be. This card is asking me to reflect on what I can do to make it feel easier and more enjoyable. Perhaps I should be a bit more flexible with my spiritual practice?

I feel as well, that just being a human on this planet at this time can feel like an uphill battle. I so believe that we can create a better world for ourselves and the next generations but the reality of it all can be so disheartening.... I feel this card is encouraging me to persevere and not to waiver in this faith but to keep believing and carry on going do what I can to help...

Self-Concept: Structure

I definitely have a belief that I've picked up whilst growing up that success=achievements. And by that I mean, qualifications, academics and all the traditional paths of gaining knowledge are the only real ways of achieving success. The old adage of good grades=good job. Of course, this is something I have become aware of and have been addressing because I realise that qualifications and grades AREN'T the only paths or signs of success. But it still gets in the way sometimes - I've realised that even my self-care practice has to 'have a point'. I can't just sit in the bath for the joy of it, I have to be watching a documentary at the same time to make it a productive use of time....silly I know! I AM trying to enjoy and focus on the process of things as much as the end goal.

Self-Concept: Advice

Let go! Create! Don't allow the cloud of these beliefs stop me from doing things I REALLY love and enjoy just because they might not be 'traditional' learning or might not come with a certificate... Don't turn away opportunities because they might not fit into this 'structured' and 'traditional' view. Enjoy the PROCESS!

Ideal-Self: Strength

I would love to be able to be SO comfortable within myself that I can own my vulnerabilities and insecurities. I would like to work towards taming my inner-critic with self-love and compassion just like the woman has tamed the tiger in this card.

Ideal-Self Advice: Nine of Think

Let go of worry and anxiety about what others think. Stop losing sleep about what might have been or might be. Be present. Be in the now and sit with the feelings as they come. Uncomfortable as they might be, I have the inner resources and inner strength to tame them.

So that's my reading to give you an idea of how you might want to use this spread. You could always just use the cards placements as journal prompts if you don't use tarot or oracle cards. Either way, I would LOVE to know if you use it and if you do, how you found it! Like I said earlier, I found this exercise to be quite profound and it required me to be really honest with myself. Some cards came out and at first I was resistant to read them because I thought, 'that's not me!' but when I sat with them and really reflected on them, I found a wealth of insightful information and feelings. It's really given me some clarity and definite food for thought!

Happiness & Blessings,



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