Embrace Change & Find Balance at Mabon

You may have heard people talking about the 'The Wheel of the Year' and the different 'Sabbats' but you might be wondering what they are and what the point of knowing about them actually is? In this post, we'll briefly talk about what the Sabbats are but we'll focus most on Mabon and how you can use it to reframe your perspective on change and embrace it with softness and ease.

What is a Sabbat?

A Sabbat is a festival day that marks a different point in the Wheel of the Year which is the ritual calendar that celebrates the Earth's changing seasons and the Sun's movement across the sky. The Wheel fo the Year is split into 8 Sabbats with 4 Solar festivals and 4 Fire Festivals. The Solar festivals celebrate the seasons and the seasonal change caused by the Sun where the Fire festivals mark significant agricultural points.

3 Main Aspects of Mabon

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Seriously, I freakin' love Autumn - I love pulling out my knitted jumpers and getting cosy inside! Don't get me wrong, I love Summer and the excitement and energy that comes with it, but after a while, it's nice to have an excuse to be indoors in your comfy clothes. And Mabon symbolises this transition!


Mabon is a Solar festival and is celebrated at the same time as the Autumn Equinox, usually around the 21st - 22nd September when day and night are of equal length. This is important because it signifies days becoming shorter and the nights becoming longer but at the same time, represents a point of balance. We can take this time to assess what's in and what's out of balance in our lives.


Mabon also represents a time to celebrate the abundance of the harvest that was gathered at Lammas (the previous Sabbat). This gives us a perfect opportunity to pause and take stock of the abundance we have in our own lives and to give thanks for it. The benefits of practising gratitude regularly are pretty endless! It can reduce symptoms of depression and even blood pressure. It can help us improve our relationships and also help us feel better about ourselves! Honestly, I can't think of a reason of why not to practise gratitude! If you were waiting for the right time to start, then now is it!


Arguably, the Spring (Ostara) and Autumn (Mabon) Equinoxes are 2 of the most significant Sabbats in terms of transitions. It feels like the scales begin to tip in a different direction. With Mabon, the days get shorter and the nights get longer as we begin our descent into deep Winter and this can be challenging. Many people struggle with the lack of sunlight, with some people experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) so it can be certainly be a testing time.

The natural world begins to slow down, with leaves falling from the trees and animals preparing for hibernation. The world is nearing completion and the focus turns to rest, completion and death. In our high productivity, go-go-go culture, this doesn't necessarily come naturally and can be really hard to embrace. In fact, we might feel a LOT of resistance to it. One way to deal with the resistance we might feel is to reframe the associations we have with this time of year and embrace it.

Just like the animals preparing for hibernation, we can take this time to finish off projects or bring things to completion so that the Autumn/Winter can truly be a time of rest and reflection. And although it might feeling like everything is dying and death is all around, this time of year is actually a wonderful time to start planting seeds and giving them time to germinate and root so that they're pushing through the surface come spring time! There's still a lot of activity that happens at this time year but it's about 'doing' it with an intention to be slow - don't rush, take your time and be easy on yourself. Oooh, doesn't that feel good??

It's official, Summer is out and Autumn is in!

Make the Most of Mabon

Here's a few ideas of how you can observe Mabon to get the most out of it:

1. Review the balance in your life. Where do you need more of it?

-Are you giving more than you're taking?

-Are you doing more than you're resting?

-What are you doing in excess? Or not doing enough of?

2. Express Gratitude

-Keep a gratitude journal - write down 1-3 gratitudes a day

-Make a gratitude jar - put 1 gratitude per day in there and pick one out when you

need a pick me up!

-Write a heartfelt thank you note to someone (you can write it and send it but if

that's not possible you could keep it or tear it up/burn it).

3. Embrace Change

-Clear out what you don't need anymore - physically + emotionally!

-Vision board about what you would like to bring into your life next year

-Journal about what you would like to achieve

-Embrace the opportunity to REST, you deserve it!


These are some cards that embody Mabon for me and represent its themes. You might want to take 1 or several of these cards and place them in a prominent place so you can be reminded of the energies that Mabon represents or perhaps you'd just like to reflect on them. Maybe you could take a photo of one and make it your background on your phone! Are there any other cards you would include here? Why?

You can also use Tarot to create a spread based on the themes of Mabon - make your own or used the one that I've created for you!

If you're ready to get deeper and clearer with your Tarot questions, you might benefit from my FREE cheat sheet & work - it'll help you gain clarity without confusion and to develop deeper personal meanings with your cards!

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Have a blessed and wonderful Mabon!







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