Observing Ostara

Spring has arrived!! Aren't you glad? I know I am!! Everything feels a little lighter, like it's easier to breathe ahhhhhhhh! Since gingerly stepping out of hibernation at Imbolc, our eyes should feel like they've fully adjusted to the light by now and we might feel like we've got the energy we need to push our plans forward. The things that seemed possible at Imbolc, now feel more real and solid - we can actually see the plant shoots pushing through the surface reaching towards the light!

What is Ostara?

Whilst we were celebrating the return of the light at Imbolc, at Ostara both night and day are of equal length meaning that there will soon be more light than dark to our days!! The days become longer and more expansive, giving us the energy we need to put our plans into action and to move forward. Ostara takes its name from the Germanic Goddess Ostara/Eostre from which comes the word Easter and Oestrogen. It probably won't come as a surprise then, that Ostara is associated with fertility, renewal and rebirth.

The Hare

The hare is closely associated with Goddess worship as it is symbolic of the moon and the lunar cycles, probably because it is mainly nocturnal. The moon appears to die each day and be reborn each night which symbolises the rebirth and resurrection so closely associated with Spring. It is also curious that the dates for Christian Easter are decided according to the lunar cycle, so there is clearly a lunar influence! It's also likely that the modern Easter Bunny is a result of the traditional symbolism of the hare. As we know, fertility is strongly associated with Ostara, making the hare the perfect symbol as it is possible for a hare to conceive whilst already being pregnant!

The Egg

If fertility and birth are symbols of Ostara then it makes sense for the egg (or seed) to represent these themes, because within the egg is the potential for new life. It represents to fertility of the earth and of all creation. It has also been said that the empty egg represents the tomb from which Jesus was resurrected but whichever pantheon/tradition you subscribe the themes of the egg remain the same - rebirth, new life, fertility, potential.

How to Observe Ostara

Here's a few ideas of how you can observe Ostara:

1. Craft + Create!

  • Decorate some eggs with bright colours and patterns! Some people use hard boiled eggs, others prefer to blow the yoke out or if you'd rather not use animal products, you could make papier mache eggs or buy some blank ones from a craft shop.

  • If eggs aren't your thing then craft and create something else! The act of creating in itself embodies the 'birthing' energy of Ostara as we 'birth' our creations into life!

2. Action

  • Since Imbolc, you've already been thinking about what you would like to realise this year and what you would like to see come to fruition.

  • Now is the time to think about what actions you can take to start making these plans manifest! Get your journal out, start researching and get a plan of action together! Oh and then actually put it into practice....

3. Honour Your Cycles

  • Could you work more intentionally with your own cycles? These could include sleep/wake cycle, menstrual, seasonal, energetic etc. Since I've started tracking my own cycles more intentionally, I have received AMAZING insights which I'm using to work to my strengths and respect my limitations - it's really transformational stuff!

  • If you're not familiar with the lunar cycle, perhaps you could set an intention to work with it more closely for the rest of the year or at least until the next Sabbat? See how you get on!

  • If you're already a lunar lover, could you create a more intentional lunar practice? What would this look like for you?

You can also use this Tarot spread I've created as prompts for journaling or to do a reading for yourself!

Ostara Tarot Spread/Journal Prompts

  1. What do I want to create this year?

  2. What action can I take to make this happen?

  3. How can I better honour my cycles?

  4. Message from Ostara

If you're ready to get deeper and clearer with your Tarot questions, you might benefit from my FREE cheat sheet & work - it'll help you gain clarity without confusion and to develop deeper personal meanings with your cards!

FREE 'Read Tarot with Confidence Cheat Sheet & Workbook'!


Wishing you a bright and energetic Ostara!!




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