Tarot for Mindfulness

Some mindfulness practices just might not 'gel' with you or some might feel a bit 'stale' (that's my experience anyway!) so it's great to find new and interesting ways to bring a little calm into daily life. It can also be hard to find ways to connect with your Tarot cards that isn't just doing a daily pull and mulling over the interpretation but I've got a great technique for you! It's really easy and effective and you also get a 2 for one!! BONUS!!

What are we trying to achieve?

Before we get into the details in can be helpful to think about what exactly we want to get out of our practice so let's go over some basics of mindfulness (for a full overview on mindfulness, you can read this post).

What is mindfulness? It's bringing your mind into the present moment without judgement. We want to focus the mind on the here and now. So that's the aim of this exercise but of course we want to achieve more than that - we want to cultivate more calmness, stillness and non-judgement!

And when it comes to Tarot, what do we want to achieve? We want to cultivate a deeper connection with our cards and a more thorough understanding of what they mean to us.

And that's the great thing with using Tarot for mindfulness - we get to achieve ALL of that!

How to use Tarot for Mindfulness

We're going to use one of the most fundamental mindfulness practices as the basis for using Tarot in this way. If you've read my post '3 Quick and Simple Mindfulness Practices' then you'll already be familiar with this practice but in case you haven't I'll give you a quick recap:

Become aware of your surroundings and notice:

5 things you can see (can you see anything you wouldn't usually notice?)

4 things you can feel (what can you physically feel? The chair? Your shoes?)

3 things you can hear (if it's really quiet, can you hear your breath? you heartbeat?)

2 things you can smell (maybe it's your own perfume or deodorant?)

1 thing you can taste (the food you've just eaten? your toothpaste? have a drink)

The difference here is that we're not going to become aware of our surroundings. We're going to pick ONE Tarot card in whichever way you'd like and become aware of that. We're going to 'step' into it and become aware of the surroundings of the card. You can choose a card at random or ask your intuition to guide you to what you most need to know or whatever feels best.

Let's Practise!

Once you have your chosen card, I want you to imagine 'stepping into it'. Let's use the 7 of Swords from the Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne as an example.

You might imagine yourself stepping onto this rock behind this figure. As you're standing in this card, become aware of what you're surroundings would be and then tune into your 5 senses.

What do you see?

We can obviously see a figure, birds, a nest, the moon shining and a cityscape in the distance.

But we could get more specific. You might be able to see the texture of the figures clothes, the rough surface of the rock and the softness of the feathers. And what about what's not visible in the card? If I was standing on that rock, I would also see the ocean, separating the rock from the city. I would also see clouds in the sky and some twinkling stars peeking through.

This might be the easiest part of the exercise because we're working with what's directly in front of us but it's where we also start tapping into our imagination. So let's continue visualising as we connect with our other senses.

What do you feel?

If I were in this card, I would feel a breeze over my face and a cool chill in the night time air. I might also be able to feel the salt spray from the ocean landing on my skin. That's what I would physically feel but how would I feel emotionally? I would feel nervous - the figure looks like they're up to something don't they? I think I'd also feel a little stressed and worried being isolated in the dark. What would you feel?

What do you hear?

I can hear the waves hitting the base of the rock and the sound of the crows squawking. I can hear the hum of the of the city in the distance and the sound of the wind in my ears.

What do you smell?

I can smell the sea salt in the air and the smell of the birds' nest.

What do you taste?

I can taste the sea salt on my tongue.

And that's it! That's how to use Tarot for Mindfulness!

Some senses might come easier to you than others and that's totally fine, just work with what's coming up for you. Whatever comes up for you, the most important thing is to not judge it. Don't judge yourself for not coming up with 'enough' or for not being really specific about what you can sense. Just let yourself sense what you can even if it might seem a little bit left field! Immerse yourself in the card and just 'be' there.

I hope you find this exercise helpful in developing your mindfulness practice and in deepening your relationship with your Tarot cards! I'd love to know if you use and how you find it if you do - feel free to send me an email or reach out on socials!

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I look forward to seeing you there! Wishing you a mindful day,

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