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Updated: Jul 5, 2019

The fundamentals of why they are so important to my spiritual practice

I'm not going to go into what Tarot and Oracle cards are or how they work but more specifically why I use them and how they help me. I choose a card each day (more often than not!) and often do card spreads for myself regularly and especially I feel like I need some extra guidance.

Similarly to journaling, they help me get out of my head. I pose my question to the cards and they help me frame my situation or question in the context of what comes out in the cards and not just what's in my head. I don't know about you but I find it difficult to solve problems or see the bigger from just inside my head - my brain brings too much to the party in terms of what's happened in the past or future anxieties. My brain will get hung up on just a few narratives where the cards will posit contexts that I probably wouldn't have thought of. In simple terms, using the cards helps me to reframe and see what's going on from a different perspective. It stops me getting overwhelmed by my thoughts and makes me think more creatively about what's going on.

"Using the cards helps me to reframe and see what's going on from a different perspective"

Using Tarot and Oracle cards also allows me to better tap into my intuitive and psychic abilities by connecting with my Higher Self, Spirit team, ancestors and angels. There is nothing more supportive than asking a question and knowing that the answers I'm getting are coming from Spirit. The more I use my cards, the stronger my connection becomes and the clearer the messages get. It always reminds me that I'm never on my own and that my team is always here to support me.

Using them also means that I'm regularly making time for myself to sit down and reflect on what's actually going on for me. I'm showing up for Spirit and myself by actively dealing with what's going on and not passively spectating my life. Using the cards makes me feel empowered to not shy away from it and encourages me to trust my own judgement.

There is so much more I could say about why I use Tarot & Oracle cards but this is the boiled down version of why and how they help me and why I consider them an essential aspect of my spiritual toolkit!

I would love to know if you use Tarot or Oracle cards, what you use them for and how they help you!

Happiness & Blessings,


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