The Signpost Reading

This is a 3 card reading intended to signpost you to where you want to go! Imagine feeling lost then happening upon a signpost pointing you in the right direction!


This is that reading. It's short and sweet giving you the synopsis of where you are right now so that you can find some clarity and understanding. Sometimes that's all we need to put our best foot forward!

I'll intuitively choose an appropriate spread to explore your query but will let you know which one beforehand so you can judge whether its most in alignment for what you want. 


For example, all 3 cards may be read together as in a story to give guidance. Other times, the cards may look at 'past, present, future' or 'mind, body, spirit'.


In a general reading, I'll often use a 'you now, blockage, self-care' spread but this may also be appropriate for specific queries too!


Recorded (written/audio) £15         

An audio recorded reading consists of 10 - 15 mins of card interpretation.

A written email reading consists of up to 600 words.

Both readings contain images of the cards.

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I'll be in touch soon!


Submit the booking form above indicating your preferred reading format and whether you would like your reading to have a particular focus. Indicate general if not. The focus of the reading could be a particular area of your life or particular query but if you're not sure don't worry - we can discuss this over email. 



Upon receiving payment, the reading will be completed and delivered to your inbox within 3-5 workings days.

I'll be in touch with you via email to discuss your reading. Once you've decided on your query and what you want to explore, payment will be made via Paypal.

If you're not sure whether you want a reading but want to know more about the process or my style of reading, still get in touch! Just use the same form above or my email - I'd love to hear from you!


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What is a general reading?

A general reading works well if you're interested in becoming more aware of where you are in general or you're wanting to understand where best to focus yourself and your energy at the moment.

Your reading may be very general in that you want to be aware of 'what you need to know' or it could look at an area of life like business or relationships so you might like to ask 'what would be helpful to know here?'

In essence, a general reading is non-specific and broad but can focus on a particular area of life. Often, the cards that appear in a general reading will help you focus down and get more specific.

If you're not sure, please get in touch so I can support you in figuring out what would be best for you!

Example Questions & Queries


How can I improve my relationship?

How can I communicate my needs better?

What can I do to assert my boundaries?

What is keeping me stuck?

How can I break this cycle?

What do I need to know about this relationship?


How can I best support my physical health?

What can I do to feel healthier?

How can I feel more balanced?

How can I honour my body better?

What will help me feel more grounded?

How can I support my emotional health?


How can I strike a better work/life balance?

How can I  best position myself for promotion?

How can I find my passion for X again?

What is best for me to focus on right now?

How can I find more financial stability?

What will help me manage my time better?


What limiting beliefs could I let go of?

What is blocking me right now?

How can I best move forward?

What do I need to know right now?

How can I demonstrate better self-care?

How can I honour my own natural rhythms?

Please Note

  • I do not read for anyone under age 18.

  • I will not read for third parties e.g. 'what does my partner think of me?'

  • I do not read predictions e.g. 'will I get the job?' 'when will I meet my soulmate?'

  • I do not offer advice on legal matters, finances or medical issues - if you're looking for support in these areas, it's best to speak to a professional.