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Are you looking for guidance or a map of the way forward? You've come to the right place!

Whether you're looking for reassurance that you're on the right path or want to re-evaluate your way forward, Tarot can help shine a torch for you to see more clearly. Perhaps you're unsure about the path you've taken in the past and want some understanding of what led you to where you are today? Tarot can help you find the breadcrumbs.

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A Tarot reading is like being given a map - it gives you all the possible routes and different terrains

What is a Tarot reading?

Are you struggling to find answers to the questions you've got going around in your mind? Perhaps you have several different paths ahead of you but you're unsure which to take? Is there a particular relationship you're having problems with but are unclear on why that is?


Tarot can give you the key to unlock the answers that you already have and know inside yourself. The focus is on you and the facilitation of you discovering those answers for yourself.

Tarot acts like a mirror of your experience in which you might notice new (or at least previously unknown) things in the reflection. It offers a different perspective, a new way of looking at things and other possibilities for what's going on that consciously, you might not aware of. It offers a 'Spectrum of Possibilities'.


When explored in a meaningful way, Tarot can support you in unpicking, unravelling and expanding on the different factors and influences affecting you in the here and now.


It provides the time and space for you to explore where you're at in life, right now and a safe container for you to feel seen and heard.


The aim is to provide clarity, reassurance, validation and an opportunity for deep reflection and transformation.


Why might you want a Tarot reading?

  • you want an alternative perspective, one that's on the outside looking in

  • you want some guidance that's impartial and objective

  • there is so much going on in life, you just can't make head nor tail of it! You just  want some space to look at the bigger picture

  • you don't know where to start and want a gentle nudge in the right direction

  • you feel like there's something missing and can't quite put your finger on it but you recognise that deep sense of knowing inside saying that there's more to explore

  • you've lost sight of who you truly are and need some help shining a light on those parts of yourself that have been forgotten

  • you want to take stock of where you are now, how far you've come and where you're going next

How I Read Tarot 

I'm not a psychic or a fortune teller - I won't be telling you the future or giving you predictions, connecting with passed loved ones or channelling cosmic energies (some readers do, but that's not me!)


I'll interpret the cards and offer my understanding of them to you but I'll also invite you to reflect on them for yourself. Often a Tarot reading will bring up more questions than answers but these questions are aimed at guiding you to find your own answers, that undoubtedly you already have inside!

Whether a recorded reading or in-person, I'll ask you to think about how the cards relate to you and your situation. Sometimes, you might find that a card doesn't quite fit but when we think about what doesn't relate, it inevitably leads us to what does, which gives us more clarity and that's one of the main aims of a reading!


The Signpost Reading

This is a 3 card reading intended to signpost you to where you want to go. Imagine feeling lost then happening upon a signpost pointing you in the right direction! This is that reading. It's short and sweet giving you the synopsis of where you are right now so that you can find some clarity and understanding. Sometimes that's all we need to put our best foot forward!


Full Service Reading

In addition to looking at the current situation, any blocks and support going forward, this reading also explores internal and external influences as well as past and upcoming factors. This reading gives a more comprehensive understanding of where you are now and what may be influencing or affecting your current situation so you can make any desired changes.

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Crossroads Reading

Sometimes, the most confusing and unclear times in our lives come when we're faced with decisions and choices. This reading takes the energetic temperature of where you're at now then looks at the energy of the possible routes you could take (up to 3) to give you a better feel of which way you might want to go. It will help you get clear on the most aligned choice for YOU.

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Autumn Road

'I'm in love with Amy's work! Her approach of combining spiritual and intellectual tools gives her such a unique voice. It often leaves me with insights that I had never thought of before. I love learning from her, she brings everything in a clear and concise way, sprinkled with a dose of excellent humour when needed!"


—  Gaby, Sfaelin